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Two New Characters Join the Cast of Death end re;Quest


Death end re;Quest

A few new tidbits about Compile Heart's PlayStation 4 exclusive Death end re;Quest have surfaced. There's a little bit of everything, including setting up a bit of background information, introducing two supporting characters, as well as additional info about the battle system and even a handful of new screenshots.

The game will take place in Sagami, a burgeoning city that is the home of Enigma, the studio responsible for developing the in-game VRMMORPG World's Odyssey and employer of protagonists Shina Ninomiya and Arata Mizunashi. Using a game engine called Alice Code, the game is able to project a player's senses straight into the virtual reality world, leading to the game's crux that Shina, the game's director, has gotten trapped inside the VR world. Along with Arata, players will take control of Sumika Tokiwa, a fellow programmer at Enigma, albeit assigned to a different project, and character designer Lydia Nolan. Both girls are close friends of Shina's, and join Arata on the quest to free their friend.

Death end re;Quest utilizes a turn-based command battle system. Characters take their turns based on their speed stat, and have the option of freely moving about the combat area or utilizing something called a Tri-Act, which lets them combine three actions in one turn. With this system, a character can attack, use an item or skill, or guard. If the same action is selected two or even three times in one Tri-Act, the effect becomes proportionately stronger, allowing for some strategic combat situations.

Death end re;Quest is still only slated for a Japanese release, at an unspecified date. For further details on the game as it develops, check out its official website. Several new screenshots are also viewable below.



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