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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Issue 32


Final Fantasy

Sorry I missed last week, but things were busier than expected and I figured I could wait a week to update you on my FFXIV and Dimensions progress. Things are back on track now, and I'm planning out the rest of my journey for the year. Unless Square Enix offers some interesting surprises at TGS with a quick turnaround, my plans are set. Only Final Fantasy XIII is going to be an issue to play, as my PS3 has a faulty HDMI port and I don't have a solid gaming PC. That won't stop me from finishing this up, though. I know fewer people are reading these than when I started, but I am curious if anyone has suggestions for a side game or two they'd like to hear my thoughts on. If so, let me know. Recent episodes of the podcast Watch Out for Fireballs went over Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years have me wanting to give The After Years a brief look, but it will probably just be a quick one if so.

If you want to catch up on my prior pieces, here's a link to Issue 31 from last week.

Final Fantasy Dimensions (Android)

Final Fantasy Dimensions has quickly lost steam for me in the second chapter. The story is pretty bland, the characters are shallow, and the job system is slow to open up. It quickly went from being my FFV alternative to making me want to play FFV more than before. I now have a working GBA SP (thanks Paws), so that's once again possible. Thankfully, Dimensions is easily kept running in the background on my phone, so I can at least make a little progress when I only have my phone with me. It might not look as cool as Record Keeper (love those sprites), but at least it has some story content and doesn't look awful like the mobile ports of FFV and FFVI.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (PS4)

Having finished the main story of Stormblood, I found myself considering three options. I could bail out, try end game content, or level another job. Considering how close I was to max level with my Samurai already, I chose that first. I got to level 70 with my Samurai, finished up the job quests to get my new gear, and then tried out the two end dungeons. I'm beginning to like Samurai even more than Ninja, but both are still fun to play. I can see myself finally trying some of the raid content, but I just don't feel like doing only that. I might make it a point to try a little bit of the Omega raid, but I think I want to move my focus on to other games. That said, I have a minor struggle with OCD issues and am tempted to at least get all my jobs to a fitting number. That means leveling Arcanist from 24 to 25 and getting Dark Knight from 32 to 35. Now if I could only delevel my solitary crafting job from 2 back down to 1 I'd be set.

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