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Blue Reflection Looks at Abilities


Blue Reflection

Koei Tecmo released more information and media for its upcoming release of Gust's Blue Reflection. The details primarily focus on the abilities that Hinako, Yuzu, and Lime gain when they head to the parallel world known as the Common and transform into Reflectors.

The Common is home to many perils, including puzzles and creatures known as Demons, which block the girls' way to collect important Ether Fragments. In order to deal with the Demons, the Reflectors have access to various magical abilities that can be used for attacking, defending, or support. Using these abilities drains Ether, so they will sometimes need to spend some time to accumulate more by performing an Ether Charge. If enough Ether is collected, a Reflector can use the Overdrive ability, allowing multiple skills to be used in quick succession.

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Demons are only some of the dangerous creatures in the Common, however. Far more powerful, gigantic beings known as Sephira can also be found there, and these have the power to destroy humanity if they should be inclined. The Reflectors cannot rely on just their own power to defeat these, and will need to call upon the support of their friends. Upon to four characters can be set as supporting allies, and can be called upon for powerful abilities should the need arise. The supporting characters will also offer combat advice using the in-game FreeSpace! app. Ether also plays a role in fights against Sephira, as if enough if collected the Guard action is upgraded to a Reflect action.

Blue Reflection sees main protagonist Hinako fighting as a Reflector after being told that doing so will allow the injured foot that curtailed her dancing aspirations to heal. The game will be released for PlayStation 4 in North America and for PC (via Steam) worldwide on September 26, 2017, with the European PlayStation 4 release set for September 29, 2017.

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