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Compile Heart Shows Tokyo Clanpool, Death end re;Quest


Tokyo Clanpool

Japanese developer Compile Heart released some more information and media for two upcoming RPGs. The first of those titles is Tokyo Clanpool, a PlayStation Vita exclusive set for release in Japan on October 5, 2017. No announcement has been made regarding a western release.

Tokyo Clanpool is set in a world where a mysterious upside-down city suddenly appears over Tokyo with a large tower connecting the two. The government collapses as monsters flow out of the tower, however, a group of girls has a special power to help fight the monsters and a new organisation is formed consisting of the "Battle Prime Minister" and her cabinet.

The combat system in Tokyo Clanpool is turn-based and makes heavy use of Ether Points (EP). These points are used by skills, but players can continue using multiple skills in a single turn as long as they still have enough points. EP is restored at a fixed rate each turn. Party members can also synchronise and do other cooperative attacks.

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The company also released the debut trailer for Death end re;Quest, which will be released in Japan exclusively for PlayStation 4 though a release date has not been announced. The teaser video below doesn't show any gameplay but briefly shows the game's two main characters.

Death end re;Quest is set in the near future and involves a fictional VRMMORPG named World’s Odyssey. Protagonist Arata Mizunashi receives an e-mail from a woman named Shiina Ninomiya, who disappeared a year ago and is supposedly trapped inside the game, which ceased development sometime before and is full of bugs.

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