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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Issue 24


Final Fantasy

This week was mostly me finishing up Episode Prompto and then pondering more about the future of Final Fantasy XV. I have some pretty strong feelings about this game, especially after playing more of the DLC. Most of my thoughts are how it contrasts with Final Fantasy XIII, a game I've yet to get to for this Journey, but will before it's over. I want to refresh myself on that one before commenting on the two any deeper, but I'm glad this experience is eye opening for me at least. For now, onto the gaming.

If you want to catch up on my prior pieces, here's a link to Issue 23 from last week.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto (PS4)

Last week, I'd made it around halfway through Episode Prompto, and this week I finished it up. My first playthrough was on easy and was spent mostly with the story segments, as I didn't want to be bogged down by the combat, which I enjoyed, but still felt was a little too chaotic. Now while the story didn't twist too much, it gave a solid look at Prompto and his inner turmoil before reuniting with the group. Outside of that, I enjoyed the final two boss fights, though the penultimate fight was kind of rough and the finale was very easy.

After finishing that playthrough, I went back and played again on normal skipping any story content that I was clear on and only rewatching a few scenes for which I wanted a refresher. My main focus this time was on mastering Prompto's third-person gun mechanics, something I didn't quite get enough of a feel for initially. Playing on normal allowed for more time to really work out my preference of gun, of which I found the sniper rifle to be most to my liking. Its limited ammo was disappointing, but I think a deeper implementation of this system could be great, especially with additional customization options. I found a use for all of the weapons and was able to take greater advantage of each of Prompto's special abilities, and I even made good use of Aranea's talents when she was around. By the time I reached the penultimate boss again, he was a piece of cake and the final boss was still of little challenge. All in all, your enjoyment of these DLC episodes will boil down to what you want out of them. If you want deep story dives, there probably isn't enough to dig into. If you want some interesting interactions with guest characters and a completely new combat style to work with, then these are for you. So far both have been for me, and I'm excited for Ignis to take the stage in December. I'd love more after that as well.

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