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A New Trio of Kickstarter Check-Ins



RPGamer's semi-regular Kickstarter Check-In returns to showcase three currently-running Kickstarter funding campaigns for RPGs. This latest update looks at the campaigns for' Light Fairytale, Nocturnal Media's Voyage of Fortune's Star, and Miscellaneum Studios' Z'Isle.

Light Fairytale is a one-man indie studio based in France. Light Fairytale is its attempt to emulate classic turn-based JRPGs in an episodic format with the developer looking for funding for its first episode on Kickstarter.

Light Fairytale stars Haru, a young man who lives deep underground but has dreams of green plains and a blue sky that he has never seen. He comes into conflict with the soldier ruling his underground home, teaming up on his adventures with a mysterious silver-haired girl and other allies such as Kuroko, who is very fond of technology. The game will feature fast-paced turn-based battles that take place directly on the field. is looking for €30,000 in funding for the first episode, with the campaign ending on October 20, 2016. The game is being developed for PC and consoles with a planned release some time in 2017. Those who pledge at least €15 will receive a copy as part of their backer rewards.

Voyage of Fortune's Star

Nocturnal Media's Voyage of Fortune's Star is a single-player 3D RPG based on John Wick's tabletop RPG, 7th Sea. The game's world of Théah is directly inspired by 17th century European literature and features sorcery and piracy.

Players experience the game primarily through the eyes of the captain of Fortune’s Star, Anzolo Zorzi, with the developers also hoping to include portions focusing on the overlapping story of the Fate Witch, Magdalena Salvaza. The game focuses on the events after Anzolo and his crew come across a sarcophagus and unwittingly invite dark forces onto their location. Gameplay in Voyage of Fortune's Star primarily features a Diablo-style point-and-click interface with players able to control both Anzolo and various crew members.

Voyage of Fortune's Star is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux with an initial planned release set for late 2017. Nocturnal Media is looking for $200,000 in funding for the game by October 24, 2016. Those who pledge at least $17 will receive a copy of the game as part of their backer rewards.


Miscellaneum Studios' Z'Isle is labelled by the developer as a "zombie cyclepunk RPG". The game is a tactical RPG based on the comic book series of the same name set in Montreal seven years after a zombie outbreak. After running out of bullets, survivors have moved onto fashioning weaponry and other equipment out of bicycles.

Players create their own main character and recruit various others to join their squad, striking back against the zombie hordes. In addition to its turn-based combat, players can also build up their rooftop-based community, potentially attracting better trading partners. Characters in the party will also develop or reduce their affinities for each other depending on events, with player decisions about whether to sacrifice or attempt to save bitten members affecting morale.

Z'Isle is being developed for PC and Mac with an initial planned release date of late 2017. Miscellaneum Studios is looking for C$50,000 in funding for the game by October 16, 2016. those who pledge at least C$20 will receive a copy of the game as part of their backer rewards.

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