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Pokémon Sun & Moon Showcase More Differences, Features


Pokémon Sun and Moon

The Pokémon Company has revealed more details and a video focusing on some of the new features and Pokémon unique to Pokémon Sun & Moon. First up is a pair of primate-based Pokémon, each only found in one version. Pokémon Sun features Passimian, a Fighting-type that usually lives in troops under a leader. It has the new Ability Receiver, which allows it to inherit the Ability of a Pokémon that fainted earlier in the battle. Pokémon Moon features Oranguru, a solitary Normal/Psychic-type with a kind temperament. Oranguru has the new Ability Instruct, which can make another Pokémon immediately reuse its most recent move.

Other creatures unique to Sun & Moon are evolutions of the puppy Pokémon Rockruff. In Pokémon Sun it evolves into Lycanroc (Midday Form). Lycanroc's Midday Form is known for its speed and ability to dodge attacks. It has the unique move Accelerock, which is guaranteed to strike first. In Pokémon Moon, Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc (Midnight Form). The Midnight Form loves to strike at tough foes, readily ignoring its own safety, but will greatly trust any trainer able to draw out its full power.

Also shown in the video were two new Pokémon-specific Z-moves: Pikachu's Catastropika and Eevee's Extreme Evoboost. Character customisation returns to Sun & Moon, with players now able to change their clothing, hair, and eye colours through dyes. Players can also care for their Pokemon through the Pokémon Refresh feature. Doing this gives a significant affection boost, which can affect combat by allowing them to put the extra effort in to avoid attacks or stay standing. The Pokémon Bank feature, which lets players transfer Pokémon between generations of game, will also be getting an update in January 2017 to add in compatibility with Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Pokémon Sun & Moon are due out for Nintendo 3DS in North America on November 19, 2016, and in Europe on November 23, 2016.

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