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NieR: Automata

Square Enix brought a ton of information and media for NieR: Automata. A new trailer introduces many of the game's characters, including many new faces and a few familiar ones.

In addition to the previously revealed YoRHa Squad, two Pods — 042 and 153 — will act as support for YoRHA's 2B and 9S respectively. They function as the ranged weapons for the game, as well as communication with the Bunker. The Bunker is under the authority of the Commander, a cool and collected woman who leads and instructs the YoRHa team. Two Operators, designated 6O and 21O, will act as the line of communication for the team at the bunker. Other new characters include Adam and Eve, a pair of twins with wildly differing personalities. Pascal is an intelligent pacifist robot looking for non-aggressive solutions to the conflict on Earth. He is also quite the history buff.

Several other characters were shown, though these returning characters will be familiar to those that played the previous game. Devola and Popola are a sister pair of old-styled androids that operate out of the Resistance Camp, a refuge of friendly machine-life based on Earth. Emil was also briefly shown, though his role in the game was unspecified. The same can be said for a mysterious character only hinted at in the trailer, though nothing was confirmed about that character beyond his voice actor.

As mentioned previously, the two locations highlighted in the media are the Bunker and the Resistance Camp. The Bunker, which orbits Earth, serves as the headquarters for YoRHa squad and as the game's hub. The Resistance Camp is comprised of androids that were sent to Earth ahead of YoRHa and acts as the locations to purchase items, upgrade equipment, and take on side missions.

NieR: Automata was just given a Japanese release date of February 23, 2017, exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game is set to arrive in North America and Europe on both PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in early 2017.






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