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Gust Gives an Early Look at Blue Reflection


Blue Reflection

Gust provided some new details and early media for its recently announced IP, Blue Reflection. The game is set around Hoshinomiya Girls High School in modern-day Japan and focuses on the theme of interaction betwen people despite the advent of social networking sites and smartphones.

The main protagonist is Hiroko Shinai. An aspiring ballet dancer, she was set to appear in an international competition a year prior to the game but injured her foot and has not been able to dance since. Following this, she has become withdrawn but still believes she will be able to dance again. The other two main characters are the siblings Yuzuki and Raimu Shijou. They offer Hiroko the chance to become a Reflector — essentially a magical girl — with the promise of having her foot healed in return for fighting under their guidance.

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The game will also see Hiroko interacting with various other students at Hoshinomiya Girls High School. The girls all have different personalities and interests, and Hiroko will develop relationships by spending time with them during breaks, listening to their problems, and heading home with them. During the game, Hiroko will also be forced to consider her reasons for fighting as a Reflector and what it will eventually mean for her and the world.

Blue Reflection is currently being developer for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game does not currently have a release date for Japan, nor is any news regarding a western release at this stage.

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