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Pokémon Sun & Moon Introduce Team Skull


Pokémon Sun and Moon

A new media update has arrived for Pokémon Sun & Moon. As with previous updates, it introduces some new species and new forms of familiar species of Pokémon, but also introduces the antagonistic Team Skull.

In Pokémon antagonist tradition, Team Skull is known for stealing Pokémon from others. Its members have also been known to mess up trial sites and enjoy doing various nefarious actions. Team Skull is lead by Guzma, who appears to have particular issues with Professor Kukui. Plumeria, meanwhile, is said to be the big sister of the group, keeping the grunts — who have to buy their own uniforms — in line.

There are three new Pokémon introduced in this update. The first, the Water-type Wishiwashi, comes in two forms. The first, its solo form is weak and just eight inches long. However, it has the new Ability Schooling, which sees it send out a distress signal causing all other Wishiwashi nearby to come together and form its ferocious School Form. Another new Water-type is Pyukumuku. These unappealing Pokémon have a habit of always returning to the same spot, even after people try to throw them back into the sea. Its new Innards Out Ability deals damage equal to the amount of HP it had left to an opponent that causes it to faint. The final new Pokémon is Morelull, a Grass/Fairy-type. These nocturnal mushroom-like Pokémon move around using their roots as legs.

To round off the update, there are new Alola forms for Meowth, Marowak, and Raichu. The Alolan Meowth is a Dark-type Pokémon. Not native to the region, they were originally sent as a gift to the royal family of Alola, changing form as a result of the luxurious lives they led. Meanwhile, the Alolan Marowak is a Fire/Ghost type. They take bones and light both ends on fire by rubbing them against their foreheads. Finally, the Alolan Raichu adds Psychic to its standard Electric-Type. They gather physic power in their tails and use them to float in the air.

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