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Eon Alter Now Available on Steam


Eon Altar

The first episode of Flying Helmet Games' unique RPG Eon Altar is available now on Steam. The game is an tactical dungeon crawler that can play up to four players locally but with a twist: the controllers are the players' own mobile devices.

To play Eon Altar requires the installation of a free app through either iOS or Android devices. One copy of the game can have four people access the game at once. Once synced, the entire game is played through the device. This setup can allow the game to send hidden messages to specific players and have the players make decisions in secret, allowing for deception. This also allows character management to happen without interrupting other players.

Players can choose from one of five different characters, each with a distinct playstyle, back story, and quests. Exploration occurs in real time while combat occurs in turn-based battles. Turns can be taken in any order or simultaneously to speed up fights. The game also features a Battle Arena, which has the players fighting against endless waves of enemies.

Eon Altar's first episode is currently available for $6.99/£4.99/€6.99 with a season pass option available for $14.99/£10.99/€14.99. The second and third episodes are planned for fall 2016 and winter 2016 respectively.


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