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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser DLC Impression


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Of all the DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I admit that my opinions have been very up and down. Jaws of Hakkon was a simple little romp and The Descent was not worth the pennies, but Trespasser, the last and final piece of story DLC, is perfection to the say the least. This is the piece of DLC fans who have finished the game are longing for, as it shows how the ending of the main game goes on to affect your Inquisition and your companions two years after the fall of Corypheus. 

Our story begins with a meeting of the Exalted Council. Divine Victoria invites the Inquisition to lay out for both Orlais and Ferelden why it still needs to exist even after the fall of Coryphus.  The meeting is interrupted when the body of a dead Qunari is found and the blood stained path leads into an Eluvian. It is there that the Inquisitor begins to unravel the mystery: who sent the dead Qunari, and why are the Qunari jumping through the Eluvians?

First thing to note about this DLC is that is cannot be accessed until the main game is completed. The reason for this being quite obvious in that the player's choices will affect how certain characters behave. For example, there are three options for who can be Divine Victoria, and that can result in changing situations for various party members. The treatment of another key character is also affected in this DLC, though I won't share the surprise of who it is (if you've finished the game, it's an easy guess).

That being said, before our main quest begins we get some very fun moments with the cast, such as spa days, Cole's new romantic endeavours, Iron Bull's birthday party, each more charming than the last. While some might call this fan-pandering, the way in which it's done in Inqusition really leaves a lasting impression and helps to show what a strong bond players can have with the cast as a whole. Even progressing through the large quest, you'll get moments where the game asks you to interact with your party members, asking them for advice, opinions, as the world through the Eluvians is one full of destruction (the poor libraries!). Still, this DLC really shows the strength in BioWare's writing team, and it offers closure in a way that actually feels like closure.

Choices for handling the various situations are offered right up to and including the final few encounters. There's a part where the Inquisitor can choose to save a dragon or murder it outright for the sake of the world. There's also expansion on Kirkwall in the DLC during the Qunari half of the plotline, but only if you helped Aveline during war table missions. Battles in Trespasser are tough but they don't feel overdone or downright frustrating the way battles did in The Descent. It's important to note that players should be around level twenty-seven before attempting this DLC, as enemies can and will hit pretty darn hard.

Trespasser is easily the best of the three DLCs offered for Inquisition, with its strong storytelling and surprises, but it offers a balanced package overall. With over six hours of content, there's tons to uncover, fanservice-y moments to enjoy, and a new ending that really gives closure. These little additions to the story really make the endings feel much more personalized for each player, and if you stay for the credits, you get to hear Cassandra reading Varric's latest novel aloud — and boy is she a riot.

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