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Four Persona 5 Characters Profiled - TGS


Persona 5

Atlus has revealed details of the first four main characters in Persona 5. These characters are part of a group known as the Phantom Thieves.

First up is the protagonist, a sixteen-year-old second year at Shugin High School. He's a transfer student staying with his parents' friend who runs the Shiken Cafe. Said to be quiet and well-mannered normally, when he takes on his phantom thief guise he seemingly becomes very different. The reason for him moving to Tokyo is, as yet, a mystery.

Next is Ryuji Sakamoto, a sixteen-year-old second year at Shugin High School. He is known to be a problem child and his bad behavior creates issues with his teachers and advisors. He wasn't always such a bad apple, but the reason for his change in attitude is unknown.

Then there is Anne Takamaki, a sixteen-year-old student of Shugin High School. She is quarter-American and her different appearance has led to trouble fitting in, so she isolates herself from her peers. She is often seen hanging out with the protagonist and Ryuji. There are strange rumors that are circulating about her, but their accuracy remains in doubt.

The final character is Morgana, the mysterious cat-like member of the Phantom Thieves. She is a child's height and has the appearance of a black cat, but her true identity is unknown.


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