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Final Fantasy XV Gets a PAX Development Update


Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix hosted its latest Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV at this year's PAX Prime. The Active Time Report, which can be viewed in full below, was accompanied by the release of a new trailer focusing on driving in the game as well as two new screenshots and a selection of concept art, which can also be found below.

The company used its presentation to announce that the game is coming in 2016, with a special event set for March 2016 where the final release date is set to be revealed along with a host of other new information. Also featured in the presenations were a Final Fantasy XV Progress Report, which is a previously-internal monthly development report showcasing how far along various part of the game are, and a message from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, which is working with Square Enix on airship portions of the game. Final Fantasy XV's next Active Time Report is set to take place at Tokyo Game Show in September 2015 and will feature more information on the characters Luna and Regis, plus fishing and chocobos.


Click here to view more concept art.

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