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Steam Early Access Hosts Rogue Continuum


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Australian publisher Surprise Attack Games and developer Rocktastic Games anounced Rogue Continuum, an action RPG with roguelike elements. The game will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux and will initially be available through Steam's Early Access Program on September 9, 2015 for $9.99.

Rogue Continuum is set in the year 2890 AD immediately following Earth's annhiliation at the hands of an alien menace. Fortunately, a team of super-soldiers managed to escape on a prototype time-traveling spaceship that can send the heroes back twenty-eight days. As the super-soldiers have no idea which particular hostile alien race was reponsible for the planet's destruction, they make the decision to destroy any and all hostiles.

The game features four distinct characters, each with their own play style and allows up to four players to play together either locally or online. Players earn experience points, which can be spent to upgrade character stats and skills, and can also find various blueprints in order to upgrade weapons. Should players be wiped out, the ship travels back in time once more and lets them keep their upgrades, however, enemies and locations in the next run are likely to be different.

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