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Trailer Dawns on Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV

The latest trailer, titled "Dawn", for Final Fantasy XV emerged this morning from Gamescom. The video, which can be viewed below, is a teaser for events that take place fifteen years prior to the game, seemingly focusing mostly on the bond between the young Noctis and his father, King Regis, and a fate that awaits the former.

Final Fantasy XV takes place when the Kindgom of Lucis is set to sign an armistice argeement with the nation of Niflheim, with which it has had a lengthy conflict. Meanwhile, Prince Noctis travels to help formally unify states through his marriage to Lady Lunafreya from the province of Tenebrae. While travelling, Noctis learns that the armistice agreement was a trick by Niflheim, which has now conquered Lucis' capital and sacred crystal with Noctis, King Regis, and Lunafreya all believed dead.

An Active Time Report presentation is scheduled later today at 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT, which is said to provide further details regarding the trailer. This presentation can be viewed on the Square Enix Presents Twitch channel.

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