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Get History Right with the Dragon Age Keep


Dragon Age III: Inquisition

With BioWare's complex choice-and-consequence RPGs, it's always been a challenge to import save game data from one game in a series to the next. Glitches often pop up, and of course it's impossible to import data from one gaming system to another.

BioWare has acknowledged this issue and solved the problem for Dragon Age III: Inquisition via a new service called the Dragon Age Keep. This cloud-based service allows players to write the history of the Grey Warden and Hawke in any way they desire, allowing them to accurately portray their choices from the first two Dragon Age games in Inquisition.

The Keep has other uses, most importantly an internal logic checker that helps players keep their game world free of inconsistencies such as a companion from a previous game being listed as both dead and alive. It can also be used by players to explore the many storyline choices in previous games, discover new options they didn't know existed, and perhaps replay the old games to explore those choices.

The Dragon Age Keep will go live in 2014. Interested players can apply for the service's beta on its official site.

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Dragon Age III
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