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XSEED Readies Grand Knights History


Grand Knights History

After teasing fans with vague hints on its Twitter account, XSEED Games has announced that it will be bringing Vanillaware's Grand Knights History to North America. Many people didn't think that this game would make it across the Pacific because of the poor state of the PSP in North America, but XSEED Games apparently has enough confidence in the game to bring it over regardless. The game will get both a UMD and a digital release sometime this coming Winter. European fans will also get Grand Knights History around the same time, as Rising Star Games has announced they will be publishing it in Europe.

Grand Knights History is Vanillaware's first turn-based RPG. It is set in the midst of a war-torn continent of Listia, and the player must choose to side with one of three countries fighting for supremacy. Like all Vanillaware games, it features incredibly detailed 2D artwork, but it also features a significant degree of character customization that sets it apart from its predecessors. It will also feature unique online multiplayer modes that let players from across North America fight alongside and against each other in the war for control of Listia.

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Grand Knights History
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