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KoA: Reckoning Devs Speak - August Edition


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning development team has been hosting a weekly question and answer session on the game's official forums. To help our readers follow along, we've collected some of the most interesting information gleaned from these sessions in the month of August. Note that this information assumes some familiarity with the game's systems.


A major feature of Reckoning's character system is the ability for any character to "multi-class," learning skills from whatever combination of skill trees that the player desires. There are many advantages to multi-classing, but "pure" builds that take skills from only one tree can also be advantageous. Pure builds gain access to powerful skills earlier, and will have access to a unique Destiny once a pure-skilled character hits the level cap.

Characters will be able to own houses, which are acquired in different ways. They range in size from a cottage to a castle, and some will be given to the player as quest rewards or as part of the storyline.

The Story and World:

Reckoning's world is very open, although the quest lines within the world are fairly linear. There is a main quest line and there are six factions with their own major quest lines to follow. Hundreds of side quests can also found around the world. Players can choose to follow quest lines or just explore the world at their leisure.

There will be "neutral" wildlife in the game that doesn't make a suicidal rush to attack the player, and animals will fight and hunt each other.


Combat in Reckoning involves stringing together different kinds of attacks, and the team wants to make combos relatively easy to learn. They won't require players to memorize a string of button pushes like God of War, but will be more organic within combat.

Combat will be explained to the players in a section of the main menu titled "moves," and there will be many different ways to string together combos. Characters will start out with a fairly simple move set and be able to unlock new moves that can be strung into combos as they advance.

Loot will be colour coordinated, MMORPG-style. The quality level goes from white --> green --> blue --> purple, and items that are part of a set are yellow. The game has an extensive loot-generation system, but also has a large number of hand-crafted pieces of loot placed throughout the world.

Check back next month for another Reckoning dev Q&A wrap-up.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
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