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Dragon Fantasy Now Available On the App Store


Dragon Fantasy

Muteki Corporation has announced that its new iPhone/iPod Touch title Dragon Fantasy has released on the Apple Store. Dragon Fantasy is an iOS RPG in the vein of the old Nintendo 8-bit classics, right down to its graphics and music.

The game is said to feature a wide cast of characters and a nice variety of enemies. Although it aesthetically looks to be a part of the Nintendo era of RPGs, Dragon Fantasy provides gameplay elements that will avoid having players purposely needing to grind for levels in order to progress.

Dragon Fantasy tells the story of Ogden, a once-famous hero who slew the fierce dragons of Wester and saved the princess. Rewarded with the title of castle guard, Ogden thought his life was perfect. However, after thirty years of peace, Ogden must rise once more to defeat the dreaded Dark Knight who is out to destroy the kingdom and save the dragons of Wester.

For more information about Dragon Fantasy, check out the game's official website. The game is avaliable on the Apple Store for $2.99.


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Dragon Fantasy
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