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The Baconing to Sizzle All Platforms Next Week


The Baconing

Lasdt week we had reported a release date for the PlayStation Network version of The Baconing and all of its potential bonuses. Hothead Games hasn't forgotten about the Xbox Live Arcade, PC and Mac users, as the company has announced that The Baconing will be releasing on those platforms shortly after.

The Baconing is set to release on PlayStation Network on August 30 as a part of Sony's PLAY Program which has been detailed here for $14.99. The PC and Mac versions will soon follow on August 31st, also for $14.99, though if you pre-order through Steam the game is currently 10% off.

Finally, the Xbox Live Arcade version will be releasing on August 31st as well, with Valcon Games replacing EA as the game's publisher. Glenn Halseth, President of Valcon Games, states how delighted the company is to be publishing the latest adventure in the DeathSpank series. The game will cost 1200 Microsoft Points at release.

To see more screenshots, click here. To see more artwork, click here.

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