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Hide Your Souls, From Software's Returning


Project Dark

During Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, From Software followed right behind Namco Bandai with a new game announcement. Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Demon's Souls, took the stage to reveal Project Dark (working title). This title has the staff of Demon's Souls returning to create an action RPG for fans of From Software's dark fantasy games.

While being developed by From Software, publishing rights seem to have been snatched up by Namco Bandai, European publisher of Demon's Souls. The game's official page offers an English and Japanese view. The Japanese version lists a 2011 release date for PlayStation 3 only while the English version has the same 2011 date, but shows the title as being for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 outside of Japan. The site mentions that more official information will be revealed in 2011, so for now RPGamers will be left to speculate on their own.

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Project Dark
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