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Cladun: This Is An RPG Receives Release Date


Cladun: This Is An RPG

On the surface, Nippon Ichi Software's Cladun: This Is An RPG seems like a simple retro-style top down dungeon crawler. However, peel away the layers, and you will find floors upon floors of randomly generated dungeons filled to the brim with traps and enemies, and some very in-depth customization.

The main character is whoever you want it to be, as represented in 8-bit sprite style, be it Flonne, a Prinny or Christopher Walken. The player also has complete freedom when it comes to creating an archnemesis, who will scale with your abilities as your character progress through the game.

Character customization is handled by a system called "Magic Circle", where other party members and Artifacts looted from dungeons are placed to boost and modify the main character's stats. Cladun promises over 200 "Magic Circle" grids and over 200 Artifacts to place onto them, providing a daunting amount of character variation.

Cladun will also feature a multiplayer mode which allows players to battle against others or to team up with them in the random dungeons. In keeping with the game's retro charm, the player has the ability to switch between a regular soundtrack and an 8-bit soundtrack. Cladun will be released as a download-only title on the PlayStation Network on September 21.

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