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Take Trick or Treating to the Max with Costume Quest


Costume Quest

THQ and Double Fine Games have announced a new downloadable adventure/RPG titled Costume Quest. The game will be released this Halloween for the Xbox 360 and PS3 via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Costume Quest casts the player as a little boy or girl setting off to trick or treat on Halloween. The main character's younger sister soon goes missing, and the player must take on various quests and fight monsters (likely spawned from the imagination) in order to find her. Quests, obtained from neighbourhood houses with their porch lights on, may involve combat and/or solving puzzles, and can reward the player with candy or information about the missing sister.

Fights transform the main character from an adorable little kid to an oversized 1980's cartoon-style avatar of his or her costume. Combat appears to be somewhat similar to the Mario RPG games: turn-based but with timed enhancements mapped to controller buttons. Battles, of course, will award experience and loot for victory. The player can recruit party members, and each character will have specific superpowers based on the costume she/he is wearing.

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Costume Quest
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