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Etrian Odyssey Director Summons Dragons for Sega



The director of the original Etrian Odyssey, Kazuya Niino, has moved his dragon and design styles to imageepoch for a new Nintendo DS RPG titled 7th Dragon. Sound for the game is being handled by the Etrian Odyssey series composer Yuzo Koshiro. The producer is Kodama Rieko, who has been involved in such RPGs as Phantasy Star 1-4, Skies of Arcadia, and Magic Knight Rayearth.

Much like Etrian Odyssey, 7th Dragon features turn-based battles with a party of four customizable characters. Available character classes are roughly translated as Rogue, Mage, Fighter, Princess, Knight, Samurai, and Healer, with each class having four visual style options. Each class has a skill tree for unique customization of skills and stats, much like Etrian Odyssey. The game will make use of both screens, the top being an explorable, top-down world map, unlike EO's first-person perspective. The main focus of the game is believed to be hunting down and defeating the land's seven dragons.

Sega will be publishing 7th Dragon for imageepoch, making this the second DS offering that they are handling for the developer, the first being World Destruction. 7th Dragon is currently on track for a release in Spring of 2009.

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