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Two Platforms Hear This Sonata



Eternal Sonata has now been confirmed for PlayStation 3. On the game's official website both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 are listed as platforms for the title.

At TGS in 2006 Eternal Sonata was announced for the Xbox 360, but Namco Bandi never stated that the game was exclusive to Microsoft's console. Rumors and speculation ran rampant when the ESRB had Eternal Sonata listed on the game ratings board as a PlayStation 3 title, as well as an Xbox 360 title. While Eternal Sonata was never officially a single platform game, it shows the increasing trend of timed exclusives.

Now PS3 fans will be able to enjoy this Chopin centric RPG, but the release date has yet to be announced. For those of you who own an Xbox 360, Eternal Sonata is scheduled to ship to retailers next week.

Update: Earlier today, Nacmco Bandi mysteriously removed PlayStaion 3 under the list of platforms for the game. According to the site, Eternal Sonata is once again solely for the Xbox 360.

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Eternal Sonata
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