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Eidos Lets GC-goers Into the Lab



Eidos and BackBone Entertainment offered Germany's GameCon attendees a sneak peek at their upcoming release for the Wii, Monster Lab and the buzz is already very positive. People that saw the presentation described the game as a mix of Pokemon and Rayman Raving Rabbids with a visual style reminiscent of that of Tim Burton.

Monster Lab is being marketed as a story-driven action RPG that is similar to Pokemon in the sense that the player controls monsters, but instead of finding them, he or she creates them from a selection of over 300 items and 150 body parts. The battle system is turn-based, but it is unique in the sense that each body part of the monsters can attack individually and can consequently target specific body parts of their foes. The features of the Wiimote will also be incorporated into the game in mini-games and activities such as mixing potions or putting the monsters together. If the player doesn't do a good job using the remote, the status (HP, defense, offense, et cetera) of the completed monster will be negatively affected.

The story concerns a "mad scientist" Frankenstein type named Fuseless that breaks away from a society of crazy inventors to create the titular lab. He acts as the player's mentor and helps create the monsters.

Also announced: Crispin Hands, who worked on the soundtrack for Metroid: Prime, will be the game's music composer, while Adam Beechen of DC Comics fame will write the script. It is unknown as of today whether or not the Wii's online capabilities will be utilized, but the game's producers are considering features such as an online "species market" of body parts and a place to upload pictures of favorite monsters. Monster Lab is currently slated for a summer 2008 release.

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