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Inazuma Scores New Trailer, Details


Inazuma Eleven

Those who were intrigued by the idea of a soccer-themed RPG but weren't quite sure what to expect, Level-5 has come to the rescue. Unwilling to let Inazuma Eleven just sit by the wayside before the Tokyo Game Show, the company has been pushing it heavily since its unveiling at a press event last week. Level-5 has now uploaded a full trailer of the game.

Featured in the trailer are anime cutscenes showing off the aesthetic style of Inazuma Eleven and giving a taste of the game's voice acting. It shows typical RPG exploration through towns and talking with NPCs. The main gameplay consists of moving characters across the field via the touch screen, while actions are inputted separately when two characters engage in battle. The trailer shows a quick glimpse of some of the 1,000 characters that are available for recruitment; it also allows us to hear the main theme, performed by the T-Pistonz, as well as reconfirming that the main music role will be filled by Yasunori Mitsuda.

To view the new trailer, go to the game's official website and click on the movie link (the button to the right marked "ムービー", which is the second hex from the bottom). Readers with an FLV player can also download the high quality trailer by clicking here. We'll likely learn even more about Level-5's soccer RPG as we get closer to the Tokyo Game Show in two weeks. Keep checking back for more.

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Inazuma Eleven
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