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Level-5 Goes to Eleven with Inazuma



At a media event held this morning in Japan, noted developer Level-5 unveiled its latest project: Inazuma Eleven, a soccer-themed RPG for the Nintendo DS with a heavy anime influence. While Level-5 is perhaps best known for the games it has developed for other publishers -- such as Dark Cloud 2, Jeanne d'Arc, and Rogue Galaxy for Sony, and Dragon Quest VIII for Square Enix -- Inazuma Eleven is the company's first self-published RPG since it established itself as a Japanese publisher earlier this year with its smash hit adventure game Professor Layton.

The company has wasted no time in bringing Inazuma Eleven to the internet, as it's already set up a full website for the game featuring a trailer, artwork, and some screenshots. The website also confirms that compositional prodigy Yasunori Mitsuda will be involved in the game's music. While there's no release date yet, Level-5 promises that Inazuma Eleven will have a big presence at the company's showing for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show this September. Look for more details soon.

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Inazuma Eleven
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