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DQM - Joker Pre-Order Bonus


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Square Enix today announced that customers who pre-order Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker from Amazon, Gamestop, or Game Crazy will receive a special bonus in the form of a combination DS charm, keychain, and map. Moreover, the map doubles as a screen wipe for the DS if necessary.

The bonus gift will be available for pick-up when the game is released in November. This announcement is so recent that local game-store employees may not yet be aware of the bonus. To calm any consumer fears, Square Enix guarantees that those who preorder from the above locations will receive the accessory.

Readers interested in more information on Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker will be pleased to find that RPGamer has plenty of media to hold them over until release. Feel free to check out our library of screenshots, and stay tuned for our review of this title.

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Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker
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