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Square Enix Store Opens in America, Gets Busy


Square Enix Store

Get those credit cards ready because the Square Enix online store for the United States is now open for business. For all those people waiting for a Dragon Quest slime necklace or a gunblade replica, the wait is now over starting this day August 20 at 6 PM (PST). “We are extremely excited to answer our fans’ requests and sell our goods directly to them,” said Hidemi Matsuzuka, Merchandising Division general manager, Square Enix Co., Ltd. “Now, fans won’t have to hunt for particular Square Enix collectibles, and will always have a place where the merchandise is simply a few clicks away.”

The store will be selling figurines, jewelry, and other collectibles from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and other popular Square Enix games. The site also has some merchandise exclusive to the online store, including two particular items: Cloud and Sephiroth sculptures depicting their aerial battle in the Advent Children film. To see what other merchandise are readily available, visit the store right here.

As of this writing, the servers hosting the online store are overwhelmed with requests, causing the site to be temporarily unavailable. Square Enix has posted an apology here. Updates on when the service will resume full time will be reported as they are available.

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