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Deep Labyrinth Official Site Opened


Deep Labyrinth

Atlus recently announced the opening of the official English site for its upcoming NDS RPG, Deep Labyrinth. Deep Labyrinth follows the adventures of a sixth-grader named Shawn and his dog, Ace, as they explore the depths of a mysterious mansion.

The site has many details about the game, starting with background information on Shawn and Ace, as well as data on some of the monsters they will encounter on their adventure. There are even short bios for scenario designer Masato Kato and composer Yasunori Mitsuda, even though they aren't monsters.

For media, one can view the trailer and the original Japanese television commercial. Additionally, several movies demonstrate gameplay in a dual-screen format that looks like the Nintendo DS Lite. Wallpaper and icons are also available to download from the media section.

The site was designed and localized by the original developers of Deep Labyrinth. The game is scheduled to be released on August 8th.

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Deep Labyrinth
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