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Fable 2 Milestone Announced


XBox 360

Little details have been revealed about the sequel to Microsoft's Fable since its showing at this year's E3, and even after an announcement by Lionhead Stuidos, the game is still a mystery. Last week, Lionhead's Sam Vantilburgh reported on the company's news page that the developing team recently provided a new 'milestone' for Fable 2, which is a build of the game that acts as a progress report to the publisher [Microsoft], and divulged story details being implemented in the game.

"The team made their deadline," said Vantilburgh about the latest milestone, "and the Microsoft Game Studios team was more than happy to see the progress that had been made." Vantilburgh also briefly revealed finalized story details on the game.

Fable 2 is to be set roughtly 500-years after the end of the original Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. Vantilburgh observed that this timeframe allows for significant changes in the world of Albion and an opportunity to "build further upon the heritage and back story." Additionally, the story is to be longer than the original game and be "more mature".

Fable 2 is a title for the XBox 360 and RPGamer will keep you informed of any updates for this enigmatic title. No release dates, estimated or otherwise, are known at this time.

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