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Tingle's Rosey Rupee Land Official Site Opened


Tingle RPG

Nintendo has opened the official site for the upcoming Tingle's Rosey Rupee Land. The game, originally announced in October 2005, features the Zelda series' Tingle, a grown man who thinks he is a fairy going at least as far as to dress like one. This time around, Tingle takes center stage as the main character on a mission to earn as many rupees as possible.

The site uses in-game sprites for several minigames taking place in Tingle's house. Using a console, Tingle can talk to the "Operator," a female fairy named Pinkle, who offers advice and conversation. A chef is standing by to instruct Tingle on creating things using recipes, and a bald man will barge in to show off Tingle's comic collection. Additionally, Tingle's dog lounges about, dressed in the same leaf-shaped fairy costume as Tingle himself.

The extent to which the site reflects actual gameplay is still uncertain, although the site more closely resembles a demo than most ordinary publicity sites. Previously released images show Tingle adventuring in towns and fields, suggesting that the site only displays the starting point.

Tingle's Rosey Rupee Land has no firm Japanese release date, and is simply scheduled for 2006. It has no official English title and no North American release date at this time.

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Tingle's Rosey Rupee Land
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