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Wild ARMs 4, Shadow Hearts 3 Coming to the New World



XSEED Games, a new company formed by the former president of Square Enix's North American division, Jun Iwasaki, has announced that it will be localizing two major RPGs for the North American market: Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator and Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Both games are currently slated for a Q1 2006 release. The company has also opened teaser sites for both games. The Wild ARMs 4 site may be seen here, and the Shadow Hearts 3 site can be found here.

Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator returns players to the desolate frontier world of Filgaia, where they'll guide Jude Maverick and his companions on a quest to discover the secrets of their dying land. Shadow Hearts: From the New World is the direct follow-up to the critically acclaimed Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The game features the series' arrival in the new world of America during the Great Depression, and stars young detective Johnny Garland as he travels around the states investigating a strange supernatural occurrences.

XSEED Games was founded by Jun Iwasaki with the intention of bringing more RPGs to North American shores. Iwasaki says, "Our extensive past experience working with some of the highest quality titles in the industry has really honed our ability to spot the best in interactive entertainment. These two titles are the first of what the XSEED Games label will come to represent in bringing great entertainment to the U.S. audience. We expect both Wild ARMs 4 and Shadow Hearts to not only appeal to the existing fans of the series but also attract newcomers."

The company is made up of former Square Enix executives, notably including: Kenzo Nogimura, the former Chief Financial Officer of Square Enix, Inc.; Sean Montgomery, the former head of North American sales; Kyoko Yamashita, the former Marketing Communications Manager; Kenji Mimura, the former Marketing Manager; and Ken Barry, the former Business Development Manager.

Keep checking back with RPGamer for more information on the release of these titles, as well as for more information on XSEED Games.

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