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Untold Legends: Warriors' Code Receives New Details


Untold Legends: Warriors' Code

Sony Online Entertainment has officially unveiled Untold Legends: Warriors' Code, the followup to the PSP launch title Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade. While the game was announced in Game Informer last month, these are the first story and feature details directly from SOE. The company has also opened the official site for the game which is currently on schedule to ship for Sony's Playstation Portable in the 1st quarter of 2006.

"Given the success and broad appeal of the original game, The Warrior's Code will build upon this heritage as we strive to deliver games that appeal to both our core audience as well as new fans of the action-RPG genre," said Chris Sturr, Sr. brand manager for SOE. "To date, Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is a run-away hit and third best-selling PSP system game ever."

Eighteen years ago, a savage and blood-thirsty Warlord slaughtered the royal family and took over the throne as emperor. Today, the country is a place full of oppression and chaos under the Warlord's reign, as his minions continue to slaughter and enslave the population. Suddenly, members of a secret shape-shifting race have started disappearing without a trace, leading many of them to seek shelter in the wilderness. While evading capture, some of these shape-shifters stumble across a well guarded and stunning secret that could very well restore freedom to the land. It's now up to these people to escort the final surviving heir of the throne to the capital city. Only time will tell if they're leading him into the evil Warlord's grasp, dooming the world to destruction, or if they're leading the world's hope to a new plane of freedom.

"The look and play of The Warrior's Code has been designed, upgraded and completely enhanced for its debut as a sequel, making this a must-have for action-RPG fans and new PSP system owners," said Rob Hill, producer of The Warrior's Code. "Players will be challenged by the intense combat and rapid hack-n-slash action."

Players lead one of five different shape-shifting characters across five chapters full of in-game cinematics and fully voiced gameplay. This unfolds throughout 45 areas full of dynamic events, interactive objects, devious traps, destructible walls, and ambient creatures. There are over 40 unique enemies to battle against and 12 massive bosses that will challenge the player's mind. The job system has been enhanced with new quests to choose from and a new quest journal to follow. To try and make the game more user friendly, the developer has included multiple control schemes, enhanced mini-map and world map with fog of war and new streamlined inventory, quick menu options, and skill system. Collect and use a wider variety of items and store them in the all new item stash.

Totally new to this sequel is its online multiplayer feature which allows the game to be played in co-op mode with another player, though it follows the same story as the single-player mode does, or battle with up to three other people in the player vs. player mode. There's a new Macro-Chat communication system which has yet to be fully explained and an all new lobby and matchmaking system built specifically for this title.

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Untol Legends: Warriors' Code
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