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Video Games Live Concert Goes Global


Video Games Live

Gamers across the globe can now buy tickets for the Video Games Live concert tour which has started up its 2005-2006 season and is adding dates and locations as more venues open up.

The Video Games Live Concert Tour is a nationwide concert tour that has recently been expanded to the entire world reaching Europe, Australia and Japan in 2006. The concert boasts live-action segments, with exclusive video clips from recent popular games. The concert is planned to cover Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Zelda, and Castlevania, as well as game music from several other genres.

The concert will feature an orchestra and choir that will perform the scores during video segments as well as separately. In addition to the concert, the show will also feature an interactive segment where audience members are selected to play a game live onstage while the orchestra plays the score.

Gamers can indulge their nostalgia with the gaming retrospective segment. The segment will take you "From Pong to Donkey Kong." During the segment and throughout the concert, audiences can expect intense laser and light features.

Those who are interested in tickets information and tour dates can visit the Video Games Live Homepage.

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