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Rising Force Online Announced



It was announced recently that Rising Force Online, a South Korean MMO from CCR, Inc., will be coming to both North America and the U.K. courtesy of developer/publisher Codemasters. Mixing both fantasy and science-fiction elements, RF Online is set in the galaxy of Novus and offers players a place in one of three warring factions.

Each faction has, of course, its own unique characteristics; the Bellato Union loyalists utilize Mechs, the Holy Alliance Cora followers make use of more fantastic and mystical powers, and the members of the Accretia Empire wield highly advanced robotic weaponry. As for PvP, Novus sees full-scale conflicts involving thousands of players erupting daily, and to the victor go mighty spoils: control of the game's most valuable mine and its resources.

Says Phil White, Head of MMO Games for Codemasters Online Gaming, "The signing of RF Online is a key achievement for Codemasters Online Group. CCR’s wealth of expertise has created a hugely immersive world that has enthralled players and become one of the dominant MMOs in the Far East. We are delighted to partner with CCR and bring RF Online to the western markets."

Rising Force Online will launch for the PC in the first quarter of 2006 and will be managed by Codemasters in both North America and the U.K. For more information visit the official website,

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Rising Force Online
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