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Suikoden Tactics Headed for North America, Europe


Suikoden Tactics

The Suikoden series has seen a number of spin-offs and derivatives over the years, though the only titles that North American and European audiences have ever seen domestically are the one's in the "main," numbered series--Until now, that is. Both Konami of Europe and Konami Digital Entertainment America announced yesterday that the newest Suikoden-flavored game, Rhapsodia, or as it will be known in North America and Europe, Suikoden Tactics, would be released in their respective continents. The North American version will be released some time in November, and the European release will follow in early 2006.

Trademarked in the United States in April, Suikoden Tactics will circle around the protagonist Kyril as he adventures to uncover the dark secrets behind the magical Rune Cannons and is set before, during, and after the events of Suikoden IV.

The game will feature over 50 characters who can be recruited to Kyril's cause, as well as 20 new characters to the series. Over 20 battle scenarios will present to play through, and players will also be able to customise and upgrade their equipment in the game.

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Suikoden Tactics
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