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Final Fantasy XI 360 at German Games Conference


Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix has announced that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI will be shown at the Games Conference which is to be held in Leipzig, Germany from August 17 to 21. There will be presentations at the Square Enix booth in the NGL Gaming Arena, as well as the Microsoft Xbox booth. The presentations will serve as a first look at the next-generation title for European gamers.

Those visiting the Square Enix booth will be able to see characters specially created for the event, and will be able to explore a few areas of the game itself. There will also be special giveaways that include a CD-ROM with a new trailer and a special link to access a trial version of the game. Currently, Final Fantasy XI for the Xbox 360 is scheduled to release in 2006 in Europe, Japan, and North America. A beta test is being prepared and is planned to begin in Japan shortly after the console launches.


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Final Fantasy XI
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