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Developer Delivers Delicious Dofus Details


The French game Dofus now has its own website, located here. Attempting to attract multiple types of gamers to its services, Ankama Studios is calling its game a "Tactical MMORPG." The mixing and matching doesn't stop there. The above-linked website calls the game both "a role playing game" and "an interactive cartoon" in describing why its creators feel that Dofus appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers.

Players creating a character in Dofus must first select a class from the 11 currently available. These include everything one would expect, ranging from healing fairies, to holy knights, to tamers, and so on. Players should read carefully before doing so, as these classes have some odd names like "Xelor's Sandglass," "Sram's Shadow," and "Cra's Rage." No, those aren't names of abilities; they are, as said, class titles. They get their names from whichever god the class follows. Using a previous example of Cra's Rage, the god Cra gave his followers a portion of his power, which is said to make them fast and accurate--perfectly fitting for archers.

Presently, professions involving gathering (known as "mining" in some other MMORPGs), trade, and crafting are available. Aside from that, players can take part in the staple of RPGs: combat. While Player vs Player and Player vs Monster combat has been announced, it has not been said exactly how this combat will be "tactical."

Dofus is currently in open beta testing. Anyone interested can sign up at the official website, create an account, download the game, and start playing right away.

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