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Bandai Announces New RPG


Bandai Games

Today Bandai Games Inc. has announced the winter 2005 release of a mechanized combat RPG which will feature an original storyline and characters set in a massive alternate future world. This single-player, turn-based title will feature fully customizable machines, vehicles, and weapons. With an endless number of options at the player's disposal and an easy pick-up-and-play interface, this title is perfect for both beginners and hardcore gamers alike.

Large mechanized machines appear all across the world, destroying everything in their path. A young boy loses his friends and family during these chain of events. As the boy, players will travel the world with a team of pilots and machines to solve the mystery behind this large-scale attack and hunt down the ones responsible. While on this journey, players will meet new rivals and enemies all while meeting new allies and gathering new equipment to help them overcome their difficulties.

While currently the title of this game is unannounced, the description of the story and features are very similar to another Bandai developed title, best known as Gundam: True Odyssey in Japan. While it is unknown if these two titles are one in the same, be assured that RPGamer will unveil the official title as soon as Bandai announces it.

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Gundam: True Odyssey
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