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Dungeon Siege II: Now with Gameplay


Dungeon Siege II

In recent updates to the official website of Dungeon Siege II, Gas Powered Games has told anticipating gamers about two more gameplay tactics. The first, "Healing Cascade" is the most powerful healing spell available to Nature Mages. The spell is reportedly "very draining to cast, but in times of emergency when the entire party is in danger, no other healing spell is as effective." It has not been revealed what level a Nature Mage must be in order to obtain this spell.

Another new addition is one that many RPGamers will recognize: Provoke. When provoking, a Knight Protector slams his weapon against his shield and draws enemy attention away from his comrades. Gas Powered Games describes the power by saying, "Knight Protectors of Snowbrook Haven believe in sacrificing themselves for the good of their companions. Provoke is the ultimate expression of that creed."

Dungeon Siege II is set to be released in August, selling for $49.99. Check that official site and RPGamer for updated information.

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Dungeon Siege II
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