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Arc the Lad Generation..... Online


Arc the Lad Generation

The Tokyo Game Show has ended for the year and many new games were displayed. One of these new games was Arc the Lad: Generation and Sony announced new features for it.

According to Sony, Arc the Lad: Generation will be an online RPG, allowing for up to eight players to enjoy the game using four Playstation 2s with two controllers per PS2. There will be over 130 different areas available to traverse in the game.

Turn-based battling has been dropped in favor of an action-based system. The camera gives an overhead view with it zooming in and out depending on how intense the action is, also switching to other angles for dramatic effect. Pressing the X button once will attack, while pressing X repeatedly will allow for combos. Commands during battle allow for players to guard, dash, or even run around the battle area very quickly.

The battle system seems to rely heavily on magic use. Pressing the R1 button will bring up a list of the magic spells that are associated with each of the four main face buttons. Pressing one of the face buttons while holding the R1 button allows players to cast the magic spell associated to that button. The game does not allow for constant magic attacks as players must wait for the magic meter to recover, which replenishes itself after each casting of a spell automatically.

It was mentioned that the person at Sony's TGS booth may have been "fibbing" about online play, but Japanese players will be able to find out for sure when the game is released on November 3. This day happens to coincide with Sony's new model PS2 release which has built-in which has broadband capabilities, making online play more sensible.. At this time, Sony has not announced whether this title will be released outside of Japan.

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Arc the Lad Generation
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