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City of Heroes Issue 2 Launched


City of Heroes

NCsoft and Cryptic Studios have released the second update to City of Heroes. Issue 2: A Shadow of the Past launched yesterday via automatic update with an invasion of monsters from the Shadow Shard, one of two new zones added in the update.

The invasion, which will last several days, is marked by destructible dimension gateway rifts that appear at random in every Paragon City zone. All heroes, regardless of level, can participate in fighting off the invaders appearing through these rifts.

In addition to the Shadow Shard, a new hazard zone, the Hollows, has been established for players levels 5 to 15. The Hollows is inhabited by another new group of stone and fire enemies called Magmites and Pumicites.

"Between the first and second updates, we have added eight new zones," said lead designer Jack Emmert. "This now makes Paragon City nearly the size of Manhattan and the addition of Hollows gives new content to those players relatively new to City of Heroes."

A Shadow of the Past also offers a number of new character features. Heroes who have reached level 20 are provided with capes, a feature City of Heroes players have been eagerly anticipating. Heroes at level 24 will be able to adjust their super powers in a special mission in the Terra Volta trial zone. Players at level 30 can receive new visual effects such as auras, and all heroes can earn badges for major accomplishments in Paragon City. A full list of changes can be found on the game's website.

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