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New Race Information Added to Final Fantasy XII Website


Final Fantasy XII

Square Enix recently updated its official Final Fantasy XII website with new information concerning three more races in the game. In addition to the Humes and the Viera, Moogles, Bangaa, and Seeq can be found in Ivalice.

Moogles are small creatures that use their small bat-like wings to fly. Moogles are generally equal in intelligence with the Humes, but some are intellectually superior. Many of them are airship engineers, but some serve as competent magi and knights. Moogles have their own capital city, but some live among the Humes and the Viera, who respect them more than the other races. They also possess knowledge of ancient technology, but they keep it to themselves.

Bangaa evolved from reptiles, and like their ancestors their bodies are covered with scales. There are four subspecies of Bangaa: the yellow-skinned Bangaa-Ruga, who have shorter ears and docile personalities; the bronze-toned Bangaa-Faas, who are athletic and tough-skinned; the copper-colored Bagaa-Bista, who are usually merchants; and the gray-skinned Bangaa-Sanga. The Bangaa live among the Humes, and some serve as soldiers. Bangaa are known for their keen senses of hearing and smell, but they cannot use magic because of their vocal limitations. They live twice as long as Humes, but they have a lower birth rate.

Seeq evolved from pigs, and they are stronger than Humes. They are aggressive, barbaric, and not very intelligent. Seeq are mostly used for manual labor, but some of them are competent fighters. They are drawn to shiny objects, and they tend to steal gold and jewels. They like to adorn themselves with their purloined loot as well. In spite of their porky appearances, they move quickly and are adept at thievery.

Final Fantasy XII will be released in Japan and North America sometime next year. A European release date has not been announced.

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