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World of Warcraft Stress Test Beta Announced


World of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment has announced plans to collaborate with FilePlanet on the upcoming stress test beta for World of Warcraft. This seven-day test is designed to tax the game's server infrastructure, allowing Blizzard to evaluate the account-creation process and server performance under heavy loads. Stress test beta participants will have access to the same game content as those playing the closed beta; however, the stress test beta will take place on separate servers, in order to avoid unbalancing the closed beta.

More than 100,000 players will participate in the stress test beta. Sign-ups will take place exclusively on FilePlanet's website; additional information regarding the start date of the sign-ups and of the test itself will be released there in the days ahead. Applications are open to anyone in North America, with a limit of one submission per person. FilePlanet subscribers are guaranteed a spot in the test.

Blizzard will also be conducting an open beta, in which everyone is free to participate, in the months ahead. World of Warcraft is scheduled for release later this year.

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World of Warcraft
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