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Final Fantasy XII

Square Enix recently opened a new portion of the official website for Final Fantasy XII with information about the various races to be found in the upcoming roleplaying game. Currently only the Hume and Viera races have info available, however, three other races will be unveiled soon. These races are the Bangaa, the Moogle, and a new race known as the Seeq. At this time, these are the only five races that have been announced for the game.

The Hume race represents 40% of the population in Ivalice. They are one of the more intelligent races and have utilized this to use the other races for doing manual labor. Currently this is all the information that is available for the Humes.

The Viera race live in forrest regions and have slender bodies that allow them to quickly track down their prey. They are also very keen at tracking using their heightened senses of eyesight and hearing. There are two types of Viera: Veena, who are light skinned and Vana, who are dark skinned. Their silver hair, along with their long legs and arms make them rather attractive. Unfortunately, the forests that the Viera lived in were ravaged by war and the Viera were forced to integrate with the Humes. Many Viera remained living with the Humes, but some went back to their roots and decided to live in the forrests again. The Viera live up to three times longer than do any Humes. Due to the fact that some Viera chose not to go back to their traditional forrest habitat, there is dissention among the race between the traditional Viera and the ones that remained in the Hume society.

Currently this title is scheduled for a Winter 2004/2005 release in Japan. With Dragon Quest VIII currently scheduled for late 2004 release, it's probable that a February or March release for the title is expected.

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