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Shining Tears Details Emerge


Shining Tears

Sega has revealed some new gameplay details concerning their upcoming PS2 action RPG Shining Tears. The game will feature a "Partner Operation System", which allows the player to command the party. If playing in single-player mode, you can give instructions to your partner via the R1, R2, and R3 buttons, otherwise he or she will be controlled by AI. A two player option is also available, in which the second player controls the partner completely.

The main character, Xion, suffers the fate of not only having amnesia, but also having two souls, one light and the other dark. Players will be able to switch between Xion's alignment, as it is dependant on the partners chosen. In either state, attacks and abilities specific to the alignment will be available.

At this time, a release date has not been announced. RPGamer will bring you more information as details arise.

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Shining Tears
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