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Twilight of Laraleth unveiled


Spinning Reality

While the game was quietly unveiled in April of this year, details regarding Twilight of Laraleth have just been announced by Spinning Reality. Scheduled for release in 2005 by a yet to be announced publisher, Twilight of Laraleth is expected to span 60+ hours across 40+ levels and 7 chapters.

The Elves, a gentle group of people used to live in a land of prosperity and knew many great things. Unfortunately, a tragic event nearly wiped out their entire species. Very few among the Elven species remember these great days of yore.

Today, they are hunted without discimination, by their immortal enemies, the gnolls. The Elves have now spread to the far corners of the world in hopes that they might escape a reality that has tragically befallen them, a reality that threatens to overcome their escape.

Players take the role of one of four elves with the ability to change between 9 playable classes throughout the epic storyline. The player can mix and match classes for near-limitless customization. There are three types of Elven magic that characters can utilize, each with their own independent mana levels. Players have the ability to customize each characters statistics and gain access to over a hundred different skills and spells.

Twilight of Laraleth also supports Xbox Live through upto a 4-player Co-op mode. This title uses a new techology, called FreeWander dynamic splitscreen, which allows players to travel out on their own or together as a team. The game also supports voice commands to AI allies, content downloadable expansion packs (which could include new spells, items, skills, etc.), and position relative voice feeds.

Goal-based, level-aware AI provides a completely new look at non-playable characters. This allows NPC monsters and allies to independently defend, invade, protect, re-group, steal, and carry out objectives. This makes for a much more challenging adventure and allows less of a plain hack and slash approach to the Action RPG genre.

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